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“Simplify Your Complexity.

JUST being organised, being productive, being in control of life."

Our mission is to inspire you in building a more minimalist productivity system and organise a life you can be proud of.  We create tools that drive you planned, be productive, and organised - because, once in your hands, you can achieve anything.

Whether you want to build a business, launch a product, run a marathon or plan for a dream wedding, you can utilise and rely on our tools, resources, and community to make it happen.

 Our Mission

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JUST Planner was founded in 2019 by Bryan Wai – living in Singapore, the MOST competitive country in the world. He is uncertain about his next move right after quitting from an Engineering Company as a Project Director. He is thinking big and aiming for higher achievement in his life. He realised that not being able to have control over his own life is due to being unorganised and not productive in tackling his daily challenging tasks. To uplift himself to a higher level, he must figure a way out and so he dedicated his time in researching personal development on productivity and planning techniques to increase performance efficiency.


He thereafter designed the JUST Planner, a personal organiser assisting him to simplify his life and able to focus on what he really wants in his life and further boost his productivity and crushed his goals. The result of this planner is fascinating and exceeded his expectations. He managed to put an end to his 19 years old smoking habit, build a jogging habit and successfully launched 3 businesses in his current life. He has faith to achieve even more in the future and decided to share this planner to the world to impact others' lives.

The Journal That Launched a Movement


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He created this system to help people track their goals and increase performance and improve overall quality of life. He believes that behind every success factor must start with making instant decisions who you want to be, where you want to go and what you want to accomplish.


Taking action without planning will eventually make no accomplishment. Set a plan for your vision, turn it into a reality and thereafter put your plan into the test.


JUST Planner was born with frameworks, systems, and tools to help people gain the confidence to make a decision and get started with a journey living with organised and meaningful life.

Just Decide - Just Plan - Just Do



As Bryan Wai’s goals grew bigger, productive and organised life is a must and also the fundamental elements towards success. To pursue our goals, we have to jump out of our comfort zone, share our love, and cultivate new habits with positive mindsets.

JUST Planner is not just a planner. It has grown bigger globally and always the favorite among the community of dreamers, planners and achievers. We’re dedicated to helping everyone pursue their goals. As a Get One Dream, Give One Chance company, every planner purchased allows us to give one to someone in need. With our handful worldwide non-profit partners and our inspiring #JUSTer Club members, together we are able to impact others' lives and it does make a real difference.

When you pen down with JUST Planner and with #JUSTer around you, an amazing force will emerge and your possibility of achievement is infinite.

Live a Life You Love