You've Taken The First Step

THE #JUSTer IS.....


Felt like a sleepwalking life? Or In a life junction? Or too many ideas and don’t know which to pick?

Or perhaps you know your calling, but no clue how to get there?

We are here to help you, welcome to the CLUB 


By simplifying your options to improve the quality of your lives and

create an organised and productive lifestyle.

The moment you purchase your first JUST Planner, you instantly become part of our community who are ready to set their goals and take back control of their own life. In this information explosion era, we form this club to connect each and every like-minded individual from every corner around the globe and be the most organised and productive minimalist in their desired life.


Together, we are the #JUSTer.

I Connect
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When you join the us, you’ve taken the first step for your dream and a big step ahead of the majority. Sharing your goals in life with others is an important success factor. Through this shared central idea bank, you will be able to meet real people around the globe who strive for personal growth and are passionate in sharing their goals or dreams.


Whether it’s through sharing ideas on how to best manage time or grow up together and be a part of your life chapter, the #JUSTer is always there for you.

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Here you will not only get shared resources, idea exchange, or crafting ideas, we also inspire each other, be supportive and create a positive environment.


If by any chance you stumble across someone carrying a JUST Planner, be courageous and get out of your comfort zone to encourage each other!


No matter who you are or where you come from, know that you’ll always have a safe place with us, the #JUSTer

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This is your chance to step up and create the life you've always wanted.

All you have to do is.....

Welcome to JUSTer Club