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Product Guide

Getting Started With JUST Planner

JUST Planner + JUSTer = More Goals Achieved Become Perfect Partners

3 Tips For JUSTer Success
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Make The Planner A Habit

Set a fixed alarm every day to write your planner. Keep this practice until it becomes part of your daily routine.

JUST planner will make it much simplify for you to remember important appointments, tasks, fun activities, and deadlines

3 Steps For JUSTer To Achieve Goals
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The tools under this section are created for Self-Focus. There is a series of commitment questionnaires assisting JUSTer to have a clearly-defined pathway before setting the goals as setting goals is the first step towards success. Thereafter Brainstorm 10 potential goals JUSTer wishes to pursue. Describe and visualise each goal's future possible outcome as detailed as possible.
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People often overestimate what they can accomplish in a year. Having clear priorities and focusing on them is the key to success. Choose ONLY your 3 most important goals for this year, and stick to them. Don’t let big goals intimidate you. Break them down into targeted Action Plan to overcome those obstacles.
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The Future Log is a great way to log all 6 months targeted action plan in one place. Thus, helping JUSTer visualise and focus each monthly goals clearly. Furthermore, design your key symbols is to keep you on track of your planning.
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Pick one day at the beginning of each month to set aside 30 minutes or an hour to plan the coming month.
Review future log and move your targeted action plan to monthly log. And allocated those tasks into your calendar for your further action. which should be aligned with your yearly goals. You should also included those important event and appointment in this log. As thus, enables JUSTer to have a Birds-Eye View of whole month activities and tasks to focus on.
Encourage JUSTer to try something new every month. Therefore, we create five “Just” categories at right corner to expose yourself more to the world, gain a more interesting experience and create a colourful life.



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Fill up a Motivation or excited event waiting for JUSTer and Identify the Daily Focus during morning routine to have better clarity
Daily log is where you get really detailed about your daily schedule and activities. Refer to the monthly log before comes to the daily log. Identify the action plans as scheduled and list them down into To-Do-List and add on other miscellaneous tasks and allocate those tasks in the Time Schedule to make a productivity day. Utilise the key symbols to indicate in the box provided to manage and track the daily tasks. As thus, won’t Leave out any targeted tasks behind.
Today's New Experience and Gratitude Message is for JUSTer to wrap up the whole day during night routine. One of the best ways to show thankfulness on a daily basis is to keep a gratitude message.
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Reflecting on goals and objectives can help create purposeful progress and can keep your focus and energy where you want it. Therefore, JUSTer can use our Quarterly Reflection to targeted action plans as scheduled in the past 3 months in order to make appropriate adjustments. Final episode of the year, JUSTer can use Yearly Reflection to evaluate your top 3 priority goals progress. In additional, use prepared Questionnaire to review your journey and see how far JUSTer have travelled along with JUST planner.


Lastly to remind JUSTer, JUST Planner ONLY able to help you achieve your goals if you use it regularly. So now is your turn to taking action.

Just Planner also provides few trackers for JUSTer to improve their quality of life and would use this tool daily to keep track. Such as Mood Tracker good for emotional management and improve your mental health. Habit Trackers good to track your bad habit and cultivate new habit. Sleep Tracker can be extremely beneficial to you mental and physical health, establish if there are negative patterns leading you to become more fatigued or limiting your sleep. Expenses Tracker for you to monitor daily expenses and stick to a budget.