3 Steps to Crush Your Goals

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Goals are critical in life. Whether you consider them to be big or small, they’re often what gives us the motivation to get up and keep going after a bad day or when we are sick and exhausted. Goals are great and all, but what about actually achieving them? Don’t you want to be able to look back and know that you did a great job focusing doing whatever you can to crush your goals? The answer could be in a goal planner. Not only is it going to help you cement what you’re going after, it’ll help you get there, too, in an organised fashion that will make the entire process do-able and almost soothing!


The three strings of getting your life together as far as goals are all designed as specific steps in this Just planner. So much more than just your average goal planner, this is, in effect, a life organiser planner. Ready to evolve your life into the best version of itself possible? Here are there 3 steps that are sitting and waiting for you in your productive planner.


Did you know that a lot of goals fail because you aren’t specific enough in what you determine those goals to be? You need to take the time to get “all up and in” your goals. From one detail to the next, really flesh out up to 10 goals using this section to guide you. The whole idea with this part of the planner is to decide what goals are really important to you so that you can make sure you’ve got the detail you need to visualise your future and know what things you want to be in it. With this particular step, don’t overthink it. Using the 10 spaces, dream big and wild and put down anything you want to!


Now that you’ve got those goals decided-on, you get to figure out how to get to them. Firstly, you’ll take your beautiful list of 10 amazing goals and cull it down to 3 options. This may take some time to do, but make sure to give it the time it does need. These 3 goals should be accessible ones and, most importantly, ones that you can accomplish within this calendar year. Remember, a goal is only realistic if you can actually put together timeline to help you achieve it! Otherwise you’re just setting yourself up to failure.

Carefully choose 3 important, meaningful and accessible goals for this year and then use the action plan intros section to really figure out the steps to get you there. The goals are intended to feel big and hard, but remember that it all comes down to planning it! Using a pencil (to help you reorganise), form a timeline and then match timing with steps to help you to get to your goal. Replicate this visually on the future log as well. Not only will it make it more real, it’ll help you to understand and appreciate that they are accessible in bite-sized steps — or something like that.

Also important is to make sure that you take time every month to sit down with your #JUST Planner and make sure that you’ve accomplished those steps so that you are on track with your goal. Combine this with the quarterly reflection and you can see just how much you’ve achieved as you’re doing in progress to achieve your yearly goals.


Now that the plan is ready to go, you’ve got to, you know, do it. Every single day, you’ll have a space in your #JUST Planner where you can record and list the steps that you are going to take in that day itself to achieve your goals. This keeps those goals top of mind and it also helps you to see that taking steps every single day is going to help you to achieve those goals, too. On a bad day, it can really help you keep on pushing when you’ve seen how many steps you’ve taken already. You’ll also see a part called a gratitude message. For best results, this should be done at the end of the day. It’s a space in which you can share a great thing that happened that day, particularly something that helped you edge closer to your goals.

The whole idea of putting your #JUST Planner to work is focused on seeing just how much you are working each day. Tracking everything from emotions to sleep to budget to goal achievement, you’ll be able to see your productivity laid out in front of you daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and even yearly. The #JUST Planner is intended for the hard worker that wants to make sure they’re getting every last thing they possibly can out every single day and actually enjoying the process of it, too.

If you’re ready to set yourself up to success on many different levels, make the decision to decide, plan, do with the #JUST Planner to give you the inventive, templates and encouragement that you’ll need to keep you on track. Designed to be with you every step of the way and in all of the encouraging forms that you never needed, the #JUST Planner is the ultimate organiser for the planner that really needs to get things done.

Refreshingly minimalistic and comfortable to use even if you are normally very set in how you use planners — we get that — this #JUST Planner is going to show you just how easy it can be to pick, accommodate and achieve your goals. Even if you do these three steps just a little bit differently, if it gets you to where you want to go, that’s okay! At the end of the day (and week and month and year), it’s all about getting to the finish line. What it all boils down to, is that accomplishing your goals is all about making them a daily priority.

This #JUST Planner will help you do that.

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