8 Important Reasons Why You Should Set Goals

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

You’ve got goals in life. You know that and you know that you want to get to the finish line, but do have all of the right tools and details in place to actually get there? Many people don’t realise how easy it is to set goals and then achieve them. It’s all about putting the best planners for goal setting into action in your day to day life. The key? A #dailyplanner that is designed specifically for your goals! AKA a goals planner.

Why setting real, paper-based goals matters?

Even with a goals planner on hand to help you reach your goals, there’s still something missing from getting to the finish line, writing the goals down. Literally writing them down with a pen and paper in your goal planner is going to be crucial to making sure that you do actually get to the finish line. In fact, it could be what’s been stopping you all these years! Here’s why it matters.

1. It transforms them from ideas to plans: Ideas are great, but they’ll stay as nothing beyond ideas if you don’t do something about them. You can transform ideas to plans by writing down your goals in your planner and seeing them in plain black and white.

2. You’ll find you are more motivated to accomplish them when you see them in your goals planner regularly: The goals planner is not just your ordinary planner. It is going to be set up to help you succeed by breaking down your goals into reminders and tasks and tips that will help you to see that you can actually get to the finish line. When you see them regularly in your planner, all broke down into do-able tasks, you’ll be more likely to stay motivated to finish the tasks.

3. Goal setting journals are intended to be energising and life-friendly: Not only will seeing them regularly encourage you to keep going, it will also be a great helping hand to help bring you energy to achieve your goals. You’ll find that they aren’t so overwhelming when you see them broken down into tasks and smaller details. This helps you see the line of progress as being more approachable. The more approachable your goals are, the more likely you're to go after them and achieve them!

4. You’ll hold yourself accountable: A crucial piece of guidance for your goal setting is that you have to be in charge of your journey to get to the finish line. When you see those goals written out in front of you in plain detail, you’ll be able to hold yourself accountable to always choosing to go after them. You can’t blame life or other external sources when you don’t get there — it’s all on you. This helps you get to the finish line easier than you might have thought, even if it’s just to make sure that it’s “not your fault”!

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Why you need a #goalsplanner

Not all daily planners are made to give you the space to see your goals and to help you break them down so that you can get there. That’s why a specific goals planner is going to be a really big support in your life. Whether you are someone who has ever tried a goals planner or not, you’ll find that you’ll never go back once you see the motivation and energy it provides.

5. It helps you see what you really want out of life: When you set goals, you can really get a feel for what matter most to you in your life. Did you really want to focus on putting a certain amount of savings aside for life, or is buying that new gadget more important? Setting do-able goals is going to help you see that in true form right in front of you (for better or worse!). It can also be a built-in pro and con list sometimes.

6. It can help you keep your goals manageable: Another benefit to a goal planner is that it understands that goals often fall to the wayside because they are just too big. A goal planner will remind you to keep your goals manageable so that you can always get to that finish line feeling as though you’ve earned the right to be there. It can be a great guide to help you set goals in the first place as well. For example, can you really achieve saving up THAT much money in a single year, or should you aim for a substantial but do-able amount instead? A goal will just be draining if it’s too big, after all.

7. You’ll have a purpose to work hard each day: A goal planner will sit at your side in the form of a daily planner so that you can see just what you’re going after each and every day. This helps you see just how much progress you’re making daily and how much closer you are getting to your goal, whatever it may turn out to be. Every day, you’ll find energy to keep on going and keep on working so that you can push yourself closer to your goal that is right in front of you in printed form


The best way to achieve your goals is to plan for them with #JUSTPlanner

Everyone sees their goals differently, but regardless of your goals, the best planners for goal setting are going to be the ones that focus on you, specifically. JUST Planner are designed to be customised to your preferences, needs and goals each time. You’ll find energy, excitement and a detailed plan to get to your goals is going to be built right into the native design of the planner so that you can find success not so impossible.

Right at your side to give you the boost you need to get your goals done, exactly like you always wanted them to be, JUST Planner will be the ultimate spot for organisation and motivation done just how you like it.

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