Undated Daily Goal Planner - Rose Gold - Part 1

Undated Daily Goal Planner - Rose Gold - Part 1


PART I - A daily undated 6-month goal planner provides flexibility to start any time. It’s perfect for user to conduct goal setting by providing a series of tools assisting the user to gain clarity of oneself.


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  1. Life Album : Let’s make a simple life album by simply snap, paste and write down the most memorable and precious moment each of the months.
  2. Self-Focus : It is useful for you to sharpen the focus. This is a series of self- focus & commitment questionnaire assisting you to get into a clearly-defined pathway to set the goals.
  3. Brainstorming List : create a goals list you wish to pursue and visualisation to achieve your goals
  4. Goals Setting Master Plan : space for you start to breaking down your goals into actionable plan.
  5. Future Log : Future Log is a great way to log all 6 months’ targeted action plans in one place enable you to visualise and focus on the monthly goals clearly.
  6. Habits Development List : Space to jot down your habit development list you want achieve in this year
  7. Monthly Log : enables for you to have a birds-eye view of whole month activities and tasks to focus on.
  8. Mood Tracker : Create a fun way to keep track of your emotions on a daily basis.
  9. Habit Tracker : is a simple way to measure whether you did a habit.
  10. Sleep Tracker : Tracking your sleep is to get insight into your sleeping patterns over a space of weeks and months.
  11. Expenses Tracker : Keeping a spread is an easy and effective way to keep track of your expenses and stay on budget.
  12. Daily Log :  Included 
    • Motivation :  Inspiring or excited event waiting for you of the day
    • Today Focus :  Daily focus during the morning to have better clarity.
    • To-Do-List :  Prioritised lists of all the tasks that you need to carry out of the day.
    • Time Log :  Is a way to see at a glance how your day is being spent.
    • Notes : Space to jot down your notes or ideas.
    • Gratitude Journal : Reflect on what you’re grateful for from the day.
    • Experience Journal : Space to jot down your new experience of from the day 
  13. Reflection : Provided quarterly reflection for you to keep track and focused on your progres


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Our Planner is not any regular planner! It is more than a planner.  JUST Planner is the best tool to help you crush the goals you've always dream of by simplifying your complexity. It also a personal organiser to help you simplify your life, focus on what really matters and being in control of life.

This planner is rolled with everything you need to create change in your life. Taking into account goals, financials, motivation, calendars, to-do lists, habits development, celebrate the day with gratitude and much more, we designed every detail of this tool to help you get organised, plan, and take daily action.




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